MacWinKeyer 1.2.4A

Version 1.2.2 and newer may corrupt standalone settings for version 3.1 keyers. Use at your own risk.

This application is a replacement for the WK24Mac program by Jim Rogers, W4ATK. MacWinKeyer also includes a demonstration host-mode keyer that you may find useful. The objective of MacWinKeyer is to provide most of the CW features in Steve’s WK3tools and WK3demo Windows applications in a native OS X application.

MacWinKeyer should work on any version of macOS 10.11 or newer. To get started, download the disk image file, open it, and drag the MacWinKeyer icon onto the Applications folder icon.

Don’t be alarmed that MacWinKeyer does not vanish immediately when you choose Quit. There is a deliberate delay to allow time for the program to safely close down communication with your WinKeyer.

Contact me if you discover bugs or missing features. This early version lacks some refinements, including Help. Depending on your feedback, I may tackle making MacWinKeyer a more complete OS X application.

The project is now hosted on GitHub, thanks to K1AV. You can find an alternate build of MacWinKeyer at Peter‘s web site.

Screen Shots